Saturday, December 27, 2008

when i was alerted by a comment left on my entry ah hock kaya roti, about their change of address, i got all excited and broke the news to my hub. and as soon he suggested to take the kids there this morning, i quickly put my camera in my handbag to take some breakfast pix.

it's now located in clementi central near mcdonald's.

all sets come with warm toast, hot cup of coffee/tea and two half-boiled eggs

my kids had ice milo

top: fatin's french toast set. my hub had to help fatin cut her toast into finger size.

top: faiz's cheese toast set

while efi had her traditional toast set, i enjoyed my italian toast. its crust is very crispy just the way i like it.

happy customers

you can click HERE
to their website for their menu and address


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HLiza said...

Bila lah nak pergi Singapore ni.. boleh Zanas bawa kami ke sini! The last time I went was 5 years ago..itu pun company meeting!

laily said...

Zanas I belum breakfast lagi, mmmm laparnya. Hmmm what to have for breakfast, I think I'll have toast and half boiled egg amacam