Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Going to the clinic for my monthly check-up
Step 1. Q to register

Step 2. Get Q No.

Step 3. Wait for Q No.

to be called up at another counter

and collect chit to see doctor

Step 4. Wait for Q No. to be called up

before I could see the doctor

Step 5. Go to Pharmacy and register for Q No.

Step 6. Wait for Q No. to be called up

at Pharmacy counter

and collect prescriptions

Numbers!!! They are so important...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

another day in the office sessame

i said 'hi' to my new baby

and turned on my pc....and work

back to office from buying lunch

my lunch

had dinner with hubby

my favourite programme

something to look forward to every tuesday

i needed this!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Another great breakfast outing
Looking for a good spot to set the table... table here

At last we found a good place and we had our breakfast

...Nasi Lemak

with soya bean drink

after breakfast,

we decided to enjoy the great view makes you feel alive

signages at labrador park

everyone else is fast asleep...except for me
a relaxing drive last weekend

the roads at mandai and thomson
...where the branches and leaves meet the serenity to it all

it's like....

a mixture of cozy cool breeze and warmth at the same time

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

once upon a time...i went to work
just when the hours got started,
i found myself talking merily to my friend azizah
and we took a photo together

at 1, with some coins in my hands...

...i made my way to the canteen

i got myself a decent lunch

back in the office after lunch, i began to stress up

in order to loosen up, i decided to tidy up my desk

at the end of the day, i shut down my pc

and left for home...the end