Wednesday, December 29, 2010

faiz looking 'abang-abang' in his uniform

fatin looking tall in her new school uniform
fatin received a cheque from MOE today

fatin got into dunearn secondary

below: i have never seen report book this big before!!

23 dec 2010: registration day at dunearn secondary

Sunday, December 19, 2010

thinking that our shortfall this month was ruining everything, i apologized to my children for not able to getting their new spectacles for next year. miraculously our destiny suddenly turned around when ms chan transferred some money as christmas gift for my children. she told me to get something nice for them. first thing we did - we took our kids to the optical shop.

faiz wanted this for his new glasses, but we had a budget as we still need to get him his school shoes, socks and uniforms.

above: faiz has to settle for this glasses instead

and we got efi new shoes for her work. it's pakalolo!!! the brand i had always wanted when i was a teenager but could never afford one. it's very beautifully rugged and she lurvs it.

below: efi started work around end november, and this is what she has been wearing since day one. it's her father's shoes of size 10!!! the over-sized shoes made her look like a mcdonald clown on duty. knowing our situation, she has been kindly putting up with it without any complain. hence, we feel that the new pakalolo is the best christmas present for her.

thank you, ms chan!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

i love this angle

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

fatin and her new ferrari
it's a long story how fatin got a lappy. and to cut it short and simple...fatin took up her daddy's challenge and passed every single test and exam throughout her primary 6 year, and of course all subjects for her psle.

when fatin got first in class for her preliminary exam, my hubby already got worried coz he knew she would do well in the final exam. he started to crack for ideas how to keep his promise and get the lappy.

and to cut the story shorter - he decided to try get it on hire-purchase from courts store. with no payslip except for his 1-year property tax assessment, he tried his luck. after 4 days of waiting, no approval from courts yet. fearing that his application might be rejected, my hubby had to apologize and explain to fatin on our situation. 2 days later, fatin's life began to change...the sales person from courts called and asked my hubby to make collection with first down payment.

2010 has really been fatin's year.

Monday, December 13, 2010

faiz's new buddy...irfan
my dad gave us a treat at delifrance for brunch today :D

today is my dad's 71st birthday! and today is his last day of antibiotic i/v treatment at opat, ttsh. there will be a few follow-ups from 20 dec onwards, but he's glad that the i/v tube has been pulled out today. he's very tired and getting bored with the hospital visits. i hope he will get better after all this is over.

Monday, December 06, 2010

this is something awesome that i didn't get to update on time. it was a prize-giving day at south view primary, and fatin was one of the recipients. she got first for her preliminary examination and it was an unexpected achievement for her.

she had been doing self-study seriously since she was posted to part-standard and part-foundation primary 6.

she has received her psle result and now waiting for her secondary school posting, which will be released on 22 dec. praying hard she can get her first choice - dunearn secondary.

the school holiday began today. i shall miss everyone, especially nana.