Thursday, November 29, 2007

happy birthday fatin!!
wishing you well and may you have a blissful journey ahead. study and work smart so that you can earn more money to support mommy's shopping habit :p

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

nasi lemak update...

believe it or not, but our customers requested for a price increase! let me repeat - our customers requested for a price increase!! can you believe that? they asked for more rice coz they said that the sambal was super power and the chicken got kick **my hubby blushing**.

so now, it's $2 per packet with more rice, one whole fried egg, ginger fried chicken, fried fish and fried ikan bilis.

last sunday we went around looking for this gadget...

...more professional, don't you find?

and our sales is increasing. gossssh...wish we had our own stall to run **pray pray**.

we did some brainstorming and guess what? we came up with two **secret** signature dishes, and my hubby is now working on the ingredients to give them more 'body'. more updates **i hope soon** when these dishes are finally ready for serving **smiling like crazy old couple**.

going around the office aimlessly...lost...confused...and i found some stuff...strawberry plant? at azlan's workspace...ginger bread man? on evia's desk...and back to square one...lost...confused

i have been so stressed with many and personal stuff...that i began to go around with my k800i aiming and shooting...

Friday, November 23, 2007

and today was my first day of exam duty

and i did my duty with fizah and aida...

... fizah

my mom had her medical appointment last tuesday. it was a long long long long wait before she was finally called in.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

my vibrant life collage

Monday, November 19, 2007

i haven't done this for a long it goes -
let's take a walk with fatin

Sunday, November 18, 2007



bukit merah secondary school


clementi institute of commerce


monk's hill secondary school...

and my friends from monk's hill primary school

Thursday, November 15, 2007

beautiful picture emerged from smudged ink

Sunday, November 11, 2007

azlan's wedding at jubilee hall, johor, malaysia the happy couple...azlan and jalilah

azlan's wedding at jubilee hall, johor, malaysia
a grand arrival...

azlan's wedding at jubilee hall, johor, malaysia
very lurvy deco...pretty cake (taking notes for my girl's wedding **in 10 years' time**)

azlan's wedding at jubilee hall, johor, malaysia

"from all of us...selamat pengantin baru bro!!! and don't forget to come back to work!"

Saturday, November 10, 2007

the committee's visit to mandai orchid garden
our next office year-end function will be held in this beautiful garden

and this is the one place in the whole garden that made us got all excited...

my hubby had his another sales (beside brownie and cheesecake) - nasi lemak with ginger fried chicken at $1.50 per packet for nightshift workers. and last wednesday, the 7th, my hubby received his first order of nasi lemak. with number of packets prepared and ready for delivery, we left home at about 9pm heading towards tuas. somehow, HE decided to stop us from reaching our destination. the car battery went flat in the middle of the tuas highway. it was dark with few cars drove by. my hubby had to call all his customers to apologize coz it seemed they won't be receiving their order that night. my hubby felt bad about it but it was really beyond our control. lucky for us they understood the situation and didn't press for anything.
while waiting for the tow-truck, one nice stranger stopped and offered help but we told him that the tow-truck was already on the way. and what happened to the packets of nasi lemak? well, we couldn't bring them back...who gonna eat them all? there was this factory nearby the road and a group of indian foreign workers were standing there watching us, and my hubby and i decided that maybe (in view of deepavali), the food was actually meant for them. one of them jumped over the fence, down the slope in his sarong after seeing my hubby waving his hand and calling them. my hubby handed him the box full of our nasi lemak packets and told him to distribute them to his friends. he asked my hubby how many packets, he smiled later and said, "that's just enough for each of us". he said thank you and went back to his friends who were waiting. we saw everyone took a packet each.
looking at my hubby smiling, i agreed with him that maybe GOD had brought us there with the food. i guess we did cook for them. it is deepavali anyway. we both are strong believers of qadak and qadar. and we trust HIM with all HIS secrets.

and for our hubby and i felt so sad watching him being towed away. we managed to take few pictures of him when the tow-truck driver dropped us somewhere in choa chu kang. he's been with with the family for many years and he's like our own baby. only GOD knows how we really felt watching him looking like that. we felt the pain like any parent would feel for his own child. i hope they take good care of him and we can take him home soon. we miss him dearly...

Thursday, November 08, 2007

smile, me!!!!
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Monday, November 05, 2007

my definitive priceless treasure...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

today i witnessed the best wedding ever. it's so full of happiness...very the lively. the groom arrived with his kuda kepang warriors, accompanied with the roar from kompang and gamilan. the warriors led the groom to meet his bride with awesome dance steps. it was a beautiful wedding with huge number of guests just kept flowing in to share the joyful occassion. even my hubby had to agree it was the best wedding he ever attended. it's not because of the banquet or comfortable seats, but it was the warmth that we felt.
and they both deserve the title 'couple of the year', don't you think? siti looked so pretty.her smile could tell how happy she was. and i'm so very happy for her.
selamat pengantin baru beb!!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

my mom bought tickets for all of us to attend perjumpaan hari raya today at bishan community centre

the kids found way to kill time before the programme started

arishah possed with the kettle she won in the lucky draw...keke