Tuesday, June 10, 2008

we had catered a western banquet for cute hungry students at a church camp recently, from 4 to 7 june. we had to wake up between 3 to 3:30am every morning to prepare early for breakfast. we finished between 6 to 7pm in the evening after dinner was totally sold out.

80% of our customers ranged from as young as 4 years old. my hub and i sincerely enjoyed serving them. they are all smart kids and very well behaved. i lurv the way they talk. they are such beautiful little angels. looking at them and listening to them made us forget how tired we were.

the camping tents set up in the open field
picture taken at about 4am

the quiet school canteen in early morning, waiting for the adorable ones to arrive

efi helped to peel cartons of potatoes for potato salad

baked macaroni, among the many other set meals in the menu we served

we felt so guilty each time we had to announce to the long Q of our angelic customers that we were out.

the problem started when each stall holder was told to cook for a limited number of customers. this step was initiated in order to be fair to all vendors. being so inexperienced, we dutifully followed the instruction not knowing how many hearts we were about to break when we displayed the SOLD OUT sign on our counter. thus, we ordered just enough for our stock to last us for four days. we managed to increase our order of supplies on the second day, wishing so much not to disappoint anyone. but there were still kids who came up to us asking, "aren't you going to cook anymore?". we really wished we could.

this is a lesson for us. next time, we shall take our own initiative and dump the instruction into the bin.

to all who came to us with their praises and blessings...thank you so much dearies. to all our faithful customers, we glad you like the food. and to all who had made many failing attempts in the Qs, we are so so sorry.


HLiza said...

Oh you're in food business? Wow..

zanas said...

my hubby left his perm job to go into food business. his passion is in cooking, baking and trying new recipes, thus he is really enjoying himself now. my plan is to join him next year in feb or march.

alison said...

oohhh! those look so yummy! so happy for you and your husband! i bet the food taste good because there's extra seasoning of 'passion' and 'love' in 'em ;)

go zanas go! you have my support! isn't this exciting?

i'll have to remember to visit your husband's makan shop when i'm down to singapore the next time. :)