Saturday, June 28, 2008

svps had an open house today. fatin insisted that we'd go coz she wanted so much for us to see her classroom. we only went at 3pm, took pictures and had lots of fun...

there were lotz of programmes set out for the event, and i must say they were pretty good.

they had good spread of goodies for the visitors too. but we only settled for the ice-cream, pop-corn and candy floss!!! fatin didn't quite enjoy the candy floss though. she said she was deceived coz the big candy shrunk until so tiny once it went into her mouth that there was nothing left to savour.

we had a good tour around the school, and this is my favourite corner. the painted eggs impressed me so much that i wish i could bring them home for my own display.

oh yes...they also had concerts and performances lined up since morning and we were very lucky to catch the last shows. mr nazar was the mc and he was quite an entertainer.

after the show, fatin took us to her classroom. it was long climb to the fourth floor that my hub and i were panting like crazy. we couldn't imagine how does fatin manage to climb those flights of stairs with such a heavy school bag five days a week. i guess kids are fully energized no matter how small they are. i shouldn't under-estimate her.

in her classroom, we saw her funny poem about 'phua chu kang' pasted on the board.

and this is fatin's locker. she's sharing it with her two other classmates.

there were so many more interesting spots and activities going on. but i didn't have the chance to snap more pictures as i was always distracted by all the artsy displays on the walls, beautiful pond in the garden, students and visitors taking part in wall-climbing, etc. we are glad that fatin pushed us to go. it was worth it.


laily said...

I wish schools in malaysia can have an open day as interesting as your daughter's school

zanas said...

i do believe malaysia has similar events too. we also have school carnivals once a that is fun. these events are meant for school fund raising, and also to attract more new enrollments. so, they will take this opportunity to disseminate info on their facilities, achievements and future plans. but whatever their reasons are, everyone had fun.

HLiza said...

The class layouts and art displays are interesting..are you sure she's not in international school? I love to see the 'other' home that my kids go to everyday too..kind of seeing the other side of them.

zanas said...

it's not an international school, but a small neighbourhood school. in fact, it's the smallest school in our zone.

there are so many other beautiful spots in her school. my another favourite one is its garden. there's a fountain in the garden with some colourful fishes in its pond, also a heritage gallery. their school walls are covered with all sorts of artwork done by the students, some of which have won awards...see here

alison said...

wow! what a cozy little school fatin goes too. what did she write about pua chu kang?

zanas said...

i'm not good at explaining ... click on the picture!! but i must warn you that nothing rhymed in this poem.