Monday, June 30, 2008

today i took morning leave to send my mom for her blood test at ttsh medical centre. they filled up three tubes with her blood.

and another tube after she finished this up.

and i'm taking another 1-day leave tomorrow for her appointments ~

9:15am - therapy
10:45am - follow-up on her broken finger
3:55pm - see the doctor about her blood test result


laily said...

Is that blood in the bottle, why the colour is pink. What is the blood test for, is your mother ok.

zanas said...

that's not blood but glucose syrup. it's very sweet. the patient has to finish up the whole bottle before they take her blood for lab test. it's usually to test sugar level. my mom had a fall last year and broke her finger. so, now they are doing lotz of tests on her...

alison said...

hope she's well.