Wednesday, October 13, 2010

today i started to help my hubby attending to the kindergarten students on his transport, sending them home from school. they are all so cute.

jyothsana was the first one to board and asked me, "are you the new bus auntie?"
i said, "yes. what's your name?"
"i'm jyothsana. what's yours?"
"i'm suzana. nice meeting you." and we both shook hands.
later she introduced me to all her friends on the bus.

we had so much fun talking and joking around. i watched some of the little gentlemen playing games, making sure that they don't leave their seats. at the same time i listened to all the stories that the girls were so eager to share with me.

while joking around and snapping their photos, my hubby turned around and told me "you are suppose to control them, not play with them." i smiled, choosing to continue the conversations with the girls.

above: shaivi and naina

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ligo said...

so cute. i want to be the bus aunty too, some day (rai)