Thursday, October 28, 2010

they found puss in my dad's kidney, and his doctor decided to drain it out. with the help of ultra-sound, a needle was guided to locate the puss and later something like i/v was placed and a tube helps to suck it out. this bottle was used to contain the puss.

when i spoke to doc mok, he told me that my father would be awake throughout the procedure. and after talking to my youngest sis about it, i became worried if my dad's heart could take the pain from the needle and all.

amazingly, my dad said that he was asleep throughout although there was no jab given to him before the procedure. he was looking at the equipment screen the specialist was working on, and suddenly he felt sleepy. when he woke up, he saw they were adjusting the plastic container. it was all over.

my dad is now strong enough to sit up and feed himself

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