Sunday, April 11, 2010

singapore has been promoting the 'night-out' on the media. after few discussions and brain-storming, we now decided to take a break from our tradition family breakfast outing and turn 2010 into our family night-outs :p

and to mark this first 'tradition family night-out', we decided to head to lido at orchard for 'how to train your dragon'. the movie was great and the storyline was based on our everyday family issues (minus the dragon, of course)...not complex and thus easy for my little girl to understand.

anw, the above pictures were some old movie posters preserved at lido's wall.

we decided to take a bus

dinner at anatolia far east plaza

above: my favourite anatolia salad

below: bread and soup of the day

above: iskander (with beef)

at lido

above: my favourite picture of the day
fatin and bear bear getting to know each other...isn't that cute or what?

above: enjoying the night fresh air while waiting for the movie to start

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