Monday, April 12, 2010

event: singapore youth festival (syf)
category: primary school malay dance competition
day: monday, 12 april 2010
venue: university cultural centre, nus

above: arrival of south view primary school. we were looking out for our little fatin but we couldn't spot her. we thought she got cold feet and didn't come at all.

efi approached their teacher and asked for her sister. and her teacher said that she was sitting with her friends. we stood by the 2nd level balcony looking down, searching for her. but we couldn't find her. efi yelled, "fatin!"

a girl looked up, and efi told her, "can you ask fatin to look up?" but she kept staring at us...

and suddenly we realised "that's fatin!". oh god, she looked so different in that make-up and bun. i can't recognize my own baby. she looked so grown-up.

fatin came home with most of her make-up cleaned off

i couldn't take any picture during the performance as they have strict rule about photo and video taking.

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