Saturday, November 01, 2008

i have known nani from our school days, since secondary 1 in 1982. she has been a wonderful friend and she is someone i shall never can forget.

above picture taken during a recent hari raya visiting to her new place

my engagement day in 1989, with nani in blue,
juhani in red and umi in black

picture taken in 1982, school outing to jurong bird park
(standing) nani in the centre,
zaidah at far right and (sitting) intan


beezee~bee said...

its amazing how meticulous & organised u r in keeping memories & pictures like these...i dun even have my uni pics anymore! i guess moving around & about didnt quite help ;(

alison said...

wow! you look so young in that wedding dress! so nice to be having friends from school days, so much memories to share.

btw, what's MONKSHILLIAN???

HLiza said...

Ala so cutenye you on your engagement day! Yeah..those were the days when we were young. Hey, they call me Nani too in real life! Maybe the Nanis in this world are attracted to you..