Sunday, November 30, 2008

danu passed away this morning. i lurv him so much and i feel that i have not done enough. his last days had been painful to witness. he had been suffering quite bad after his visit to the vet. somehow his condition became worse after the jab the vet gave him. two days after his visit, his two front legs seemed to go numb and he couldn't stand right. his whole body became weak few days after he lost control of his hind legs. i can still remember when i was cleaning him two days ago. he used all his strength to stretch out his neck, and looking at me with his wet eyes. i felt that he was trying to tell me something. and yesterday, while
feeding him, i told him softly that it would be alright for him to go so that he won't have to suffer any longer. he was 8.
danu's story began "HERE" and pictures of my petz "HERE".


HLiza said...

It's really sad to see someone we love dying. He had shared his life with you for 8 years..that's amazing! I wrote about our kitties too today.

zanas said...

hi liza, it always scares me everytime i see the little remaining life span they have. and these furry frenz have such limited years with us. i miss all my petz.