Monday, September 07, 2009

we went to geylang last saturday to get some hari raya outfits.
my fam will be wearing light purple on the first day of syawal. very nice and cooling colour. efi was the one who made the suggestion when she saw a light purple songket hanging on a display. we all agreed that it is such a pretty kebaya. so, efi will be in kebaya songket and i will be wearing songket cekak musang. there was no songket in fatin's size. but luckily, we found an outfit so pretty for her. it so pretty that i'm going back next friday to get her another same outfit but in brighter colour.

my little angel in her posse

i came up with this simple head dress for this outing. it was adie who bought this hair accessory for each of us (thanks adie!!!). so, i got all the girls (including meself) to wear a simple haircover and added the colourful hairband over it. it's very simple and that's how we like it.

and this is me who would go crazy over a full-length mirror.

wheni have more time, i'll upload onto my webshots album of all the pix taken.

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