Sunday, June 21, 2009

i'm so excited that i have accomplished few of my to-do list today. and, of course, i'm talking about my scrapbooking -
  1. scrap note book for fatin which i started on friday and completed on saturday
  2. scrap note book for efi which i started last night and completed this afternoon
  3. memopad holder
i'm doing the binding tomorrow for both note books and after which i will upload the pix.

and this is my memopad holder...

all pix are uploaded HERE

i was inspired after watching over youtube where this lady was giving a notepad cover tutorial. i love my new memopad holder coz it has a slot for my favourite pic. it wasn't pre-planned, but my hands just moved and grabbed a photo, cut to size and there it is. the slot works great coz i can remove the pic and replace with another conveniently.

and this is the tutorial video...

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