Friday, April 17, 2009

i take leave from work today to spend the morning with my hub. he has been working so hard these few weeks, reaching home only between 10pm to 12 midnight as he has been taking up few bookings including some airport transfers, foreign workers shifting house, etc etc.

this morning we decided to go back to arab street to have the first meal of the day. i snapped like a tourist along the way, and these are few of the pictures from my memory card.

our last stop was ikea to buy some fabrics to make a farewell gift for my barbie doll (jess). next friday will be her last day with the engineering faculty, and we (chin chin, umah and myself) shall meet my barbie doll next thursday to give her a farewell lunch (and the gift, of course).

above: it was lurv at first sight with this fabric. i adore the vibrant colour prints spread out on the creamy black background.

the fabrics at ikea are just lovely

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