Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the other day my hub craved for mee soto and me a soto ayam. we bought and happily sat there looking at what we thought was heaven. but when we shoveled one scoop into our watering mouth, it really burnt our tongue. the sambal was purely from chili padi, that we could taste every bit fiercely penatrating our taste buds. we both love spicy food, but this was beyond spicy. this was sambal from hell. we tried to endure it, but i gave up after the fourth scoop while my hub finished his bowl all sweats and watery eyes. within seconds after the last scoop, he started to have pins and needles all over his tongue and lips.


beezee~bee said...

one tiny sip of that soup, i wud have just passed out! i cant even take pickled chili n anything close to the word 'chili'!

zanas said...

so your food is usually cooked without chilli? can share with me what do you use to replace chilli in your cooking? coz my nieces and nephew can't stand chilli too that sometimes i don't know what to cook for them.

HLiza said... has been ages since I cook soto..and I make very good one they say..he he..

beezee~bee said...

i jus dun use any n dats fine. even mom pening wanna cook for me...she'd usually cook my dish first before the actual one for the rest of the family...or she'd jus hv 2 cook somethin else.
spoilt brat, yea ;)