Saturday, January 03, 2009

can't believe that i managed to get my calendar done in time!!! i'm so happy.

we had a great start this 2009. we returned to west coast park (again!) on 1 january for our breakfast outing, and this time we dragged my parents and adie along.

and we got to take some may-babies-pix for our calendar...

meanwhile, 2 jan is back-to-school-day...
efi in sec 5 and will be taking her O this year
faiz in secondary 1, teck whye sec school
fatin in primary 5
everyone in morning session this year...meaning we need to cordinate shower-shifts so that no one will be late for school **and i won't be late for work**

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HLiza said...

Started school already? Wow..Singaporeans are so ambitious! We'll start on the two kids are in same school but the timing morning and one afternoon. Happy new year Zanas!