Sunday, October 26, 2008

in view of the current economy's crunch and the increasing price on all stocks, my hub decided not to extend his contract as a school stall-holder. he now got into a partnership in transportation, and with the help from one of his partners he bought himself a 14-seater passenger van. i hope this new venture of his will turn our life around.

fatin and faiz lurv the space in our new van.


HLiza said...

Oh good luck you guys! It's really ugly now with the economics situation..I feel frustated that our political arena is also bad..we're just ordinary people making a living..and the leaders are not doing much..still fighting over stupid power..

zanas said...

thanx dear. but i hv to say our current situation is not as bas as during the SARS period. i hv m'sian colleagues working in the uni too. they hv been talking about the current political issues in m'sia. it's quite sad. hopefully, these 'powerful' pple can see our plight and concentrate on bigger issues.

alison said...

hey, that's great... another new adventure, sending you guys lots of love and may all goes smoothly for you and hubby.

on the world economic and political front, well, it's what i would call a healing crisis, sometimes things need to get really bad before change can happen, sometimes some people need that pain in the a** to change. it's good in the broader perspective. for us individuals, as long we have love in our hearts, we'll all be okay.